React Bangalore is the largest react community in India with over 10,000 members on meetup. We organized over 50 react meetup's during the last 5 years. We want to take this community to the next level by organizing react conferences along with these meetups

React Day Bangalore is a one day conference fully packed with amazing talks and panel discussions on topics related to React and React Native. You get an opportunity to network with 400+ enthusiastic react developers at this conference.

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We will curate and bring the best talks on topics related to React and React Native to this conference. If you want to share your experience working with React, propose a talk.

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At React Day Bangalore you get a chance to make your brand visible to 400+ React/Frontend developers coming from across the country. If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s event, please write to us at reactday@neostack.com

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Past Speakers

Siddharth Kshetrapal

Developer, codesandbox

Pavithra Kodmad

UI Engineer, Atlassian

Sudhanshu Yadav

Frontend Architect, HackerRank

Dipti Roy

Developer, PayPal


Varsha Saha

Frontend engineer, Flipkart

Vishwa Mehta

Tech writer


Kiran Abburi

Founder, Neostack

Kamlesh Chandnani

Frontend Architect



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